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7 06, 2017

ANR #28: Project Focus – Google Glass

By |2023-06-12T10:59:00+02:00June 7, 2017|ANR Newsletter, Members Only, Project Management, Strategy Implementation|0 Comments

What lessons can we learn from noteworthy projects that failed or were delivered successfully. With the aim of learning from past failures, this section analyses, using a simplified framework developed over more than ten years, a notorious project that was poorly managed and was terribly unsuccessful.  

7 06, 2017

ANR #27: Robin Speculand, Strategy Implementation Pioneer

By |2023-06-12T10:41:00+02:00June 7, 2017|ANR Newsletter, Interview, Members Only|0 Comments

I had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Speculand, one of the first experts focusing on strategy implementation. I was curious to hear about his personal project, as well as his views on the link between project management and successful strategy execution.

7 06, 2017

ANR #26: Trending Topic – The Project Economy

By |2023-04-05T15:31:37+02:00June 7, 2017|ANR Newsletter, Members Only, Trending Topic|2 Comments

Projects, have, are, and will be an essential part of value creation and social transformation. We are witnessing the rise of the project economy. The so-called gig economy is driven by projects.

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