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Key Questions For Your Project Health

1.Business Care – Has the project a solid business case with a clear rationale and quantifiable goals?
2.Governance – Is the project governance clearly defined?
3.Sponsor – How committed is the sponsor and how much power does he have?
4.Scope – Is the scope clear, well defined, agreed with all parties, and not likely to change?
5.Time – Has the project a clear deadline? Is it realistic and likely to achieve?
6.Budget – Does the project have a budget? Could absorb overruns? Dedicated resources?
7.Quality – Does the project include regular quality checks and acceptance criteria at the end?
8.Risk – How risky is the project? Have major risks been identified? With mitigation actions?
9.Procurement – How many subcontractors has the project? One in the lead? Plan to manage them?
10.HR – A professional project manager appointed? Team has the competencies to succeed?
11.Communication – Does the project have a clear communication plan?
12.Stakeholders – How many stakeholders does the project have? All supportive? Any major resitance?
13.Priority – Is the project #1 priority for the company? Solely or like many other projects?

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