Essential competencies post-pandemic according to McKinsey

ANR Newsletter #58

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It’s been a while since I wrote; apologies for the long silence; I got busy with too many exciting projects, which was hard to say no.

In this decade, the world will see more projects than ever. The trillions of funds that have been promised for the pandemic recovery are millions of projects that will require millions of project managers.

A few weeks ago, I came across a McKinsey survey on the most critical skills organizations need to develop post-Covid-19. To my surprise, the usual innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship,… were not at the top of the list; instead, project management was!

Seeing this recognition also by McKinsey is another iconic milestone. I remember when I joined the Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute in 2013 that our envisioned goal was “Worldwide, organizations will embrace, value, and utilize project management and attribute their success to it.”

By now, we have enough evidence that we are close to reaching that goal, if not already done. It is the culmination of the work of millions of project managers and the infinite efforts from members and volunteers and the Project Management Institute, IPMA, APM, and other professional associations.

Yet, despite this great outlook, the project management methods we use today were designed for a world where operations were the primary focus and projects were a small fraction of an organization’s activities. In the Project Economy, project-based work becomes the primary unit of work, while operations need less and fewer resources to be carried out. Basically, all the current project management, program management offices, portfolio management methods, tools, and techniques are “old” and need to be reinvented.

The second urgent call for action is the appalling failure rates, around the 60% to 70%, that we see in every research on project success. I am not aware of any other profession that has such low-performance rates.

Imagine the benefits, both for organizations and society at large, if we could increase the current poor project success rate—the additional trillions of dollars and social, environmental, educational, and other benefits that would represent. And the impact could be almost immediate.

To succeed in the Project Economy, we needed to reinvent project management. Refresh our methods, adapt them to the current and future needs, simplify our tools, like the Project Canvas, and significantly increase project success; that is how we will gain greater trust and appreciation from our work from the top.

There is no doubt that these are exciting times for the project management world. It is in our hands to make it happen!


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