Delighted to receive the first copy of my Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook in Spanish!
This has been a dream for many years!

Hello! Well, my book in Spanish from Harvard Business Review, project management manual, is finally here, we already have it and it will be on sale in all bookstores, in Spain and Latin America. I hope you like it and you will tell me what you think of it. See you soon.

Come to the presentation event on May 3 in Madrid and on June 8 in Barcelona.

Invitation El Corte Ingles - Madrid - 3 Mayo 2023 

HBR Book Launch in Spanish & Invitation to Great Events

If We One Day Eradicate Poverty And Hunger From The Earth, It Will Be Thanks To A Project. Countries With An Ambitious Project Behind Generate A Greater Quality Of Life For Their Citizens.

All our goals go through the good management of a project: from business success, the management of a country, or the smooth running of our life as a couple or family. We are facing the great contribution of the 21st century, ahead of technology or Artificial Intelligence. And this is well known by the large business organizations that bet on project management as a great way to achieve their objectives.


Our Personal Life Is A Series Of Projects

In recent years, Spain has developed a series of social and business projects that have been successful in different areas. 

Example of some SUCCESSFUL projects

Social projects

  • “Erasmus+” Program: This European Union program promotes the mobility of students, teachers, and young workers throughout Europe. Spain has been one of the main destinations for the program’s students.
  • ONCE Foundation: This foundation works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. It is one of Spain’s most successful social projects and has received numerous awards and recognitions. 

Business projects

  • Inditex: This fashion company is one of the greatest business successes in Spain in recent decades. Its best-known brand, Zara, has expanded globally and is recognized for its innovation and quality.
  • Cabify: This shared transport platform has been one of Spain’s most successful innovation projects in the last decade. Founded in 2011, Cabify has revolutionized the taxi market and has expanded internationally.
  • Glovo: A home delivery platform founded in 2015 has been very successful in Spain and other countries. Glovo has innovated in the way of delivering products quickly and efficiently.
  • Wallbox: This electric vehicle charging technology company has developed innovative solutions to ease the transition to electric mobility. Founded in 2015, it has received numerous awards and recognitions for its work in this field.
  • CARTO: This spatial data analysis company uses innovative technologies to help companies and organizations better understand geospatial data. He has received multiple recognitions and awards in the technology sector.

And examples of some failed projects

Social projects

  • Madrid City of Justice: This project, aimed at creating a unified justice center in Madrid, began in 2004 and has been the subject of delays and controversy. To this day, it is still not fully operational.
  • Plan E: This economic stimulus plan, launched in 2009 to combat the economic crisis, has been criticized for not having been effective in creating jobs and for the lack of transparency in its management. 

Business projects

  • Banco Popular: This bank, one of the most important in Spain, was intervened by the European Central Bank in 2017 and sold for one euro to Banco Santander due to a liquidity crisis.
  • Abengoa: This renewable energy company entered bankruptcy in 2015 due to an accumulation of debt and a lack of liquidity.
  • Gowex: This wireless technology and high-speed Wi-Fi network company were one of the biggest business scandals in Spain in recent years. In 2014, its president and founder were found to have falsified its accounts, and the company declared bankruptcy.
  • Zetta: This Spanish mobile phone company, founded in 2015, presented itself as an innovative and low-cost alternative to large operators. However, the company could not compete with the rest of the companies in the sector and closed in 2019.
  • BQ: This technology company, known for its smartphones and tablets, filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after being unable to compete with the big mobile phone manufacturers.
  • Sherpa: This Spanish artificial intelligence and virtual assistant company was founded in 2012. Despite obtaining important financing rounds and being recognized in the technology sector, it closed in 2019 due to financial problems.
  • Wazypark: This mobile application, which allowed users to find parking in the city, closed in 2020 after being unable to monetize its business model.

HBR State of Project Management

HBR - Project Management Research - Site vFinal

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    As the number of projects in organizations skyrocket, understanding project fundamentals and fostering project management skills have become essential for all leaders and managers. Yet project failure rates remain extremely high. Why?

    Leaders have too many projects with too little visibility into them, and they lack the project oversight and delivery competencies to untangle them. Project managers have the technical skills, but have trouble translating their hands-on knowhow up to the leader’s-eye view.

    As part of the development of the forthcoming HBR Project Management Handbook, we performed a survey with HBR readers to better understand how organizations are using projects now, where they are finding success with projects, and where they are struggling.

    Special thanks to the support provided by Antoine Adams, CEO and founder of, and Jonathan Norman, my editorial adviser since 2012, in the development of this report.

    This report summarizes the findings of the research completed during the summer of 2020, composed of two surveys, one answered by 556 executives and the second by 728 project professionals. A total of 1.284 respondents, who we want to thank for their valuable insights.


    • In a world driven by change, executives are spending more time on projects.
    • 2/3rds of project management professionals also have an operational role.
    • In the past five years, whilst the number of projects has significantly increased, it remains stubbornly difficult to estimate how much of a company’s revenue is generated by projects.
    • The amount of revenue generated by projects is clearly significant, yet the ROI% that projects deliver is low across the board.
    • 26% of projects are dedicated to organizational transformation.
    • Whilst 50% of projects are deemed to succeed, the other half don’t deliver their expected value.
    • Lack of resources, poor project management competencies, inappropriate culture are main challenges.
    • Sponsors struggle with the lack of alignment, too many stakeholders and the lack of discipline on their projects.
    • Selection and prioritization of projects is a top-down exercise, using outdated techniques.
    • Boards of Directors and key Shareholders are regularly updated on their key projects.
    • Executives appreciate the value of projects but don’t fully recognize project managers.
    • The increase in project numbers, is not matched by an increase in time and focus senior leaders dedicate to their oversight.
    • Only 13% of executives have received a training on how to be an effective sponsor.
    • Project management professionals struggle to invest in the learning and education required to increase levels of project success.
    • 80% of executives aspire to invest and build project management competencies within their organization.

    Waterfall project management is still used far more widely than agile; hybrid approaches are on the rise.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Hasta la vista!


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