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Over the past month, I had the pleasure to work closely with the HBR team, it is an amazing group, extremely professional. Interestingly, a few times already they told me that they “thought project management was an unattractive topic, yet when they listen to some of the concepts and challenges we address in our profession, they become positively surprised on how much it relates to current challenges that leaders and organizations around the world are facing! Their perception and understanding are changing rapidly! 

The other important learning is that the combination between HBR and project management is a big success so far. They hardly publish books on the topic; the sales expectations for my book, the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook, were around 1.000 the first month, like other books in their series, yet, they have sold close to 5.000. Their global webinars have about 700 registrations, yet, the one I invite you with this letter has already close to 2.000 registrations.

It is great to show the power of the project management community and to discover this unchartered territory so that some of you can continue building this journey.

1st HBR webinar in Project Management

I am happy to invite you to the first HBR webinar in Project Management – at least in the past 7 years – that will take place next Wednesday 8th Dec, from 1 pm to 2 pm UK time. Registration here. Feel free to share with other colleagues and hope to see you there!

Also wanted to share that yesterday we launched a year-end promotion for our very appreciated Strategy Implementation online course, just in case you or your team are looking to develop further in this fast-growing area.

With regards to projects and project management discussions, we had a lot of insightful comments, and sometimes heated debates ;-),  in some of the recent LinkedIn newsletters. Here is an overview of the topics, feel free to join any of them, your views are much welcome!

  1. Welcome to my LinkedIn newsletter
  2. Unbelievable Projects
  3. Why Wedding projects are never late?
  4. Want to increase Project Success? Coach your Executive to be an effective Project Sponsor
  5. Project Managers have the skills to become CEOs, so why don’t they?
  6. Afghanistan Chaos: Why closing a Project requires careful planning
  7. Why do we need to learn from Teenagers and support their Projects?
  8. The “Project Canvas” – A simple tool for everyone that wants to Lead Projects more Successfully
  9. The Project Canvas in Practice: vs. Chileans Miners Rescue Project
  10. Interview with Rita McGrath on the Project Economy
  11. Precious Project Management Lessons from the Global Pandemic
  12. Forget about selling Products and Services, sell Projects!
  13. New LinkedIn Learning courses for Project Sponsors and Project Managers
  14. Everlasting Poor Project Success Rates – How Come?
  15. COP26: Projects and Project Management to Solve the Climate Crisis
  16. A Gigantic and Costly Mistake: Agile vs. Waterfall Project Management
  17. Knowing When to Start a Project often determines its Success
  18.  What do Senior Leaders think about Project Management (survey with HBR)

Thanks a lot for reading and supporting me, as always, any feedback is much welcome!

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