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By now, most professionals recognize the value of having a strong personal brand. After all, if you’re not associated with particular concepts, strengths, characteristics, or viewpoints, you’re probably invisible inside your organization. That might be fine for where you are now, but if you want to advance, you need to distinguish yourself in some way. Conversely, if you have a strong personal brand, people often seek you out for opportunities or want to work with you, specifically. A strong personal brand is a form of career insurance.

In my career, I never had a dedicated mentor or coach; the way I learned mostly was by following people I admired, like Rita McGrath, Marshall Goldsmith, or Allan Mullaly, former CEO of Ford. I was lucky to meet several of them and exchange thoughts about their projects and project management views.  Often the dialogue led to collaboration, like an interview.

I also followed Dorie Clark, one of the leading authorities in personal branding and personal development – with her book Disrupt Yourself and many others. I thought it could be interesting to write with her about applying project management to personal branding. Our joint article was published last week by Harvard Business Review, Approach Your Personal Brand Like a Project Manager.

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