In a landscape that’s both demanding and ever-changing, project management professionals need to think ahead. This article presents five innovative and successful business ideas tailored to the evolving project management arena, each presenting significant market potential.

Augmented Reality (AR) Project Visualization

Market Potential

The integration of AR into project management can revolutionize stakeholder presentations, risk assessment, and real-time project adjustments. For start-ups specializing in project management tools, this opens up an untapped market. There’s increasing demand for project visualization in complex initiatives, where errors can cost millions and delays can have cascading effects on dependent tasks and overall timelines.


A startup called VisualAR leverages Unity to create project visualizations for small construction companies. They have reported that their clients have experienced up to 15% reductions in operational errors and improved stakeholder engagement by using AR models during project presentations.

Tools to Get Started

Unity: Ideal for creating custom AR experiences tailored for project visualization. It offers a range of assets and modules for quicker development.

Microsoft HoloLens: Provides ready-to-use industry-specific applications and is especially useful for construction and engineering project visualizations.

Ethical Project Management Consultancy

Market Potential

With greater scrutiny on business practices, there’s a growing need for ethical project management consultancy. This could involve everything from ensuring ethical labor practices to sustainable resource management in project execution. This opens up a market for specialized project auditing and compliance tracking.


EthiCo Consult is a startup that offers ethical consultancy services and uses PMI’s Ethics Toolkit and Convercent for tracking ethical compliance. Their focus on small-to-medium enterprises has led to a 20% increase in client retention for those businesses, attributed to improved ethical standing.

Tools to Get Started

PMI’s Ethics Toolkit: Offers a set of guidelines and best practices for maintaining ethics in project management, a good starting point for building your consultancy model.

Convercent: A software tool specializing in tracking ethical compliance across multiple projects, offering detailed reporting and analytics features.

Project Predictive Analysis

Market Potential

Predictive analysis can offer project managers insights into potential risks, required adjustments, or even predict the success of various project paths. This offers a market opportunity for advanced, yet user-friendly analytics services specifically designed to answer project management queries.


DataMind, a startup, uses Python libraries to offer predictive analysis specifically for supply chain projects. They report that their clients have improved inventory turnover ratios by an average of 10% and enhanced on-time delivery rates.

Tools to Get Started

Python libraries: Using Pandas for data manipulation and Scikit-learn for machine learning models will offer robust capabilities for predictive analytics.

Jupyter Notebooks: Great for compiling analytics reports and visualization, they can also be shared easily with clients for interactive data exploration.

Blockchain for Secure Project Contracts

Market Potential

Blockchain could offer project managers an immutable, transparent record of contracts, changes, and approvals. For start-ups, the opportunity lies in creating project management-specific blockchain solutions that handle contracts, change requests, and even secure, transparent stakeholder communication.


BlockTrust, a startup using Ethereum, specializes in creating secure, smart contracts for freelance project managers and small business contracts. Their clients report an average of 30% faster contract resolution times and enhanced security measures.
Tools to Get Started

Ethereum: Best suited for creating smart contracts that automate the contract execution process, enhancing security and transparency.
Hyperledger Fabric: Ideal for creating private blockchain networks tailored to project management needs, offers modular architecture for customization.

Employee Wellness Programs

Market Potential

Wellness programs have shown to improve productivity, which is a key metric of success in project management. The market potential here is in offering project-specific wellness programs that focus on stress management and work-life balance specifically tailored for high-stress project timelines.


WellStat, a startup, combines Headspace for Work and Fitbit Corporate Programs to offer an all-in-one wellness package for small businesses. They report that companies using their services have seen a 25% reduction in employee sick days and a 10% increase in overall productivity.

Tools to Get Started

Headspace for Work: Offers mindfulness training programs that can be integrated into your wellness service, providing stress relief and mental wellness solutions.

Fitbit Corporate Programs: Provides a platform for tracking physical activity, sleep, and other wellness metrics, offering group challenges and reporting to keep the team engaged.


As the field of project management continues to evolve, innovative approaches that specifically target its unique challenges will be more crucial than ever. Each of these successful business ideas not only has broad market potential but specifically addresses pressing issues in the realm of project management. The tools mentioned offer foundational capabilities to kickstart each of these innovative ventures.

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