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Antonio Nieto-Rodríguez

Ignite your team's potential with a thought-provoking and inspirational keynote speech.

Antonio is a leading expert in modern project management and strategy implementation. He delivers engaging and inspiring keynote presentations that empower teams to achieve remarkable results. With over 20 years of industry experience, he deeply understands the challenges and opportunities businesses face today.

What You Can Expect from Antonio’s Keynotes

  • Thought-provoking insights: share insights and strategies that challenge the status quo and help teams think differently.
  • Practical takeaways: provide actionable advice and tools that teams can immediately apply to their work.
  • An unforgettable experience: deliver high-energy, engaging presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Yes, Our Brain Is Masochist


In his TEDx Talk, Antonio unveils why our brain tends to be masochist and how we can turn it around to focus on the positive side of disruptive change.

Watch more of Antonio’s keynotes on The Project Economy YouTube channel >

Here are some of the benefits of hiring Antonio

  • Increased employee motivation: My speeches inspire and motivate employees to achieve their best.
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration: My presentations help teams work more effectively.
  • Enhanced innovation: I encourage creative thinking and breakthrough ideas.
  • Increased productivity: My strategies help teams to deliver projects more efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Antonio as Your Keynote Speaker?

  • Real-world experience: successfully led and delivered complex projects for many clients, including Fortune 500 companies.
  • Passionate and engaging: I am a dynamic and engaging speaker who connects with audiences and leaves them feeling inspired and motivated.
  • Tailored content: I customize each keynote speech to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals.

“Antonio was a keynote speaker at our top 300 managers conference, and attendees unanimously acclaimed his intellectual sharpness, oratorical dexterity and interpersonal skills. Antonio has a knack for breaking complex topics down into easy-to-grasp subjects. In addition, participants also appreciated his ability to apply management and strategy topics to real-life challenges, shedding light on quick yet effective ways to efficiently solve everyday problems. In short: Antonio is a brilliant, savvy presenter whom I would like to hear again and again and again”.

IBM Strategy Senior VP

“Antonio’s visionary approach to the ‘project economy’ is reshaping our understanding of value creation, offering a blueprint for thriving in this new, dynamic business landscape.”

Strategy Director, L’Oreal.

“Through his innovative ‘Project Canvas,’ Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez offers a disruptive yet pragmatic lens on project management, empowering leaders to paint their blueprint for success.”

Chief Transformation Office, Basic Fit

“Antonio’s keynotes challenge conventional wisdom, offering disruptive views that redefine modern project management and its role in driving the business forward.”

Senior Project Manager, ABInbev

“Antonio’s keynotes encapsulate the essence of modern project management, melding thought-provoking insights with actionable strategies that respond to the complexities of today’s organizations.”

Head of Corporate Project Management Office, Euronext

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Transform into a project-driven organization. This is not just a change; it’s an evolution for the future of business.



Empower every team with the modern project management skills of tomorrow: simple techniques, common language, and major leaps in execution.



The future is project-based. Learn how this shift will redefine roles, goals, culture, and organizational structures.



Ready for AI to redefine project management? Learn how it’s not just a possibility—it’s the upcoming reality.



Green isn’t just a color—it’s a mission. See how modern project management is critical to driving sustainability.



Align your culture to change and with your strategy for unmatched project success. It’s about making the right moves, together.




In a world driven by change and projects, focus and prioritization have become essential leadership skills—skills that the Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and other great leaders have in common.



Hierarchies are out; flat structures are in. Master the art of managing without traditional hierarchy and inspire collaboration and innovation across all levels.




In the project economy, adaptability isn’t optional. Discover how building resilience can turn challenges into your organization’s greatest victories.



Accelerate your career development with an executive mindset. Learn to cultivate the strategic foresight and mental agility that defines today’s top leaders.

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Ready to ignite your team’s potential?

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Antonio Nieto-Rodríguez

Keynote Speaker | Project Management Expert


What can we expect from a keynote speech by Antonio Nieto-Rodríguez?

You can expect a fusion of thought-provoking insights and practical strategies from Antonio’s speeches. They’re designed to challenge conventional thinking and provide your team with actionable advice and tools that can be applied instantly to enhance performance. His high-energy delivery ensures an unforgettable experience that motivates and inspires lasting change.

How can Antonio Nieto-Rodríguez’s keynote presentations benefit our team?

Antonio’s keynote presentations are catalysts for increased motivation, improved teamwork, enhanced innovation, and boosted productivity. His speeches inspire employees to excel, encourage effective collaboration, foster creative thinking for breakthrough ideas, and offer strategic approaches to delivering projects more efficiently.

What makes him an expert in modern project management?

Antonio brings over two decades of real-world experience, having led complex projects for various clients, including Fortune 500 companies. His deep industry knowledge and passion for project management position him as a leading authority who delivers content that resonates with and galvanizes today’s businesses.

Why should we choose Antonio as our keynote speaker?

Antonio stands out due to his engaging style, passion for the subject, and ability to tailor content to your organization’s specific needs. He’s not just a speaker but a facilitator of change whose sessions are imbued with insights drawn from substantial experience, ensuring your team is not only inspired but also equipped to act.

Can the content of his keynote speech be customized to fit our company’s unique goals?

Absolutely. Antonio places great importance on delivering tailored content. He customizes each keynote speech to align with your organization’s objectives, ensuring that his presentation delivers maximum value and relevance to your specific business context and goals.

What topics are in demand the most?

Antonio covers a range of topics tailored to current business challenges, including creating an Execution Culture, where he examines how companies like Apple and Lego achieve strategic execution through prioritization. When discussing Navigating Disruption, he draws inspiration from disruptors like Uber and Tesla. In Enhance Focus, Antonio reveals the focusing techniques of leaders like Steve Jobs to boost productivity. His insights on Successful M&As are derived from analyzing high-profile cases like ABN AMRO’s acquisition. One of the most popular topics is Artificial Intelligence in project management. Lastly, in The Project Economy, he explores modern project management strategies for transforming organizations into project-driven entities to propel growth and successful strategy implementation.

Transformative Keynote Experiences

In a world saturated with speakers, few possess the distinctive ability to not only inform but transform an audience. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez stands out as a premier keynote speaker whose sessions are not mere speeches, but transformative experiences. His keynotes are masterfully crafted, weaving together the latest trends and insights from the SXSW conference with the innovative pulse of SXSW news, delivering a unique blend of foresight and practical wisdom.

A League of Exceptional Leadership motivational Speakers

His depth of knowledge makes him one of the most sought-after leadership keynote speakers, known for equipping audiences with the skills and mindsets necessary to navigate and lead in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Driving Innovation at Your Conference

When Antonio takes the stage, expect a surge of innovation and a shower of fresh ideas.

As an innovation keynote speaker, he delves deep into the essence of what propels organizations forward, challenging the status quo, and sparking the creative thinking necessary for groundbreaking progress.

Crafting Events by Design

Antonio’s approach to every speaking engagement is akin to an artist creating a masterpiece; each element is deliberately placed to create the most impactful experience. Every keynote is an event by design, tailored to resonate deeply with his audience, ensuring that the takeaways are both meaningful and memorable.

Elevating Business Speakers

In his sessions, Antonio sets a benchmark for what it means to be a good keynote speaker. He not only shares knowledge but also ignites a passion for excellence in others, inspiring them to ascend to new heights in their professional speaking careers.

The Pillar of Leadership

In a landscape of motivational leadership speakers, Antonio’s message stands tall and clear. He embodies the spirit of true leadership – inspiring change, fostering growth, and instilling a sense of purpose and direction in everyone who listens.

Memorable Keynotes That Resonate

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez has a proven track record of delivering memorable keynotes that resonate long after the applause fades. His speeches are a beacon for those seeking to grasp the true essence of leadership and innovation, serving as a catalyst for personal and professional transformation.

The Right Speaker for Your Next Keynote

Choosing the right keynote speaker is crucial for the success of your event. Antonio is the embodiment of what it means to inspire, lead, and engage audiences in a conversation that extends beyond the conference hall. His dynamic presence and profound insights ensure that your next event will be an outstanding success.

Engaging the Innovators and Leaders of Tomorrow

Antonio’s keynotes are a nexus for innovation and leadership, attracting a diverse audience from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned executives. Each participant, regardless of their experience level, finds value in Antonio’s thought-provoking sessions that push the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

An Unforgettable Journey in Every Speech

When you book Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, you are not just filling a slot in your conference agenda – you are embarking on an unforgettable journey. Each speech is a meticulously curated adventure through the realms of innovation, strategy, and leadership, guaranteed to leave your audience in awe.

Past Keynotes: A Testament to Excellence

A look back at Antonio’s past keynotes reveals a tapestry of success stories and inspired individuals. His reputation as a speaker is built on solid ground, with testimonials from various industries praising his ability to connect, engage, and inspire.

Get in Touch

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is a leading figure in project management and strategy execution, widely recognized for his innovative concept of the Project Economy. His extensive background includes serving as the Chairman of the Project Management Institute, which has allowed him to shape the field significantly.

Throughout his career, Antonio has championed the idea that effective project management is crucial for successful leadership and governance. He argues that in today’s dynamic business environment, leaders must excel in managing projects of all sizes and scopes to ensure organizational agility and competitiveness.

To inquire about booking Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez as keynote speaker for your next event or to request more information on his availability, please reach out to us. Your audience deserves an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary, and Antonio is the keynote speaker to deliver just that. Contact us today to ensure your event stands out with a keynote speaker that will be remembered for years to come.