The Project Revolution

How to succeed in a project driven world. (2019)

Every Aspect of Our Lives Is Becoming a Set of Projects

Every aspect of our lives is becoming a set of projects. The speed of change witnessed in the past decade has radically affected the way we organize and manage our companies and work. Many of the traditional activities in organizations will soon be carried out by automation and robots. In this new landscape, projects are becoming the essential model to create value. In short, we are witnessing the rise of the project economy. Leading projects thinker Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez explains the reasons behind, and the tremendous consequences, that this unnoticed disruption is having in our lives. He looks at how some leading companies, governments, schools, and universities have already embraced projects as the way to deliver on their strategy and ambitions. Ultimately, this book explains how individuals and companies can develop the competencies required to transform and thrive in the new digital and project-driven economy.

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The Project Revolution

The Focused Organization

Improving top’s management Focus

How concentrating in just a few key initiatives can dramatically improve strategy execution

Most aptly named The Focused Organization, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez’ book discusses how fewer, more effectively elected and managed projects are the key to strategy execution and long-term success and how project management is a key in this process.

Organizations that focus on just a few key initiatives are able to perform significantly better than organizations trying to achieve too many objectives. This focused approach not only impacts organizations financially but also assists them in achieving strategic objectives, motivating staff and in this way resulting in profitable organizations.

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Thinkers50 Awards – Thank You!

Last Monday I had the pleasure to participate in the Thinkers50 Gala in London, an event that is considered by the Financial Times the “Oscars” of Management and Leadership thinking. I always wondered what it would be like participating at the Oscars and receiving one of the Awards. Well, it happened.


Michael Porter

Lars Rebien Sorensen

Marshall Goldsmith

Rita McGrath



Erin Mejer

Thinkers50 Europe – Davos of Business Thinking

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Most Popular Keynotes

Execution Culture


Learn how leading organizations, such as Apple, Lego, Huawei, Singapore Airlines… create a culture that thrives for strategy execution through extreme prioritization.



Hear what can be learned from the failure of the largest acquisition in the Financial Sector history, the takeover of ABN AMBRO; and GE’s key ingredients for successful M&A.

Navigating Disruption


Find inspiration from the world’s most astonishing disruptions, like Ryanair, Uber, Philips, Tesla…, ; and the crucial role leadership plays in today’s turbulent times.

Enhance Focus


Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and other great leaders have one common skill: their ability to Focus. Learn how to increase Focus and rise Productivity, Happiness and personal Satisfaction.

The Project Manifesto


Learn the next generation of Project Management, PMOs and Portfolio Management; how to become a project driven organization to accelerate successful implementation.

Industry Forecast


Banking, Pharma, Oil, Gas, Telecom, Retail, Professional Services…, whatever the industry, the future will be different, find out the latest trends, and how they will impact your organization.

Corp. Governance 2.0


InBev, Facebook, Inditex…, world class Board of Directors shifted their focus from value preservation – monitoring – to value creation – leading. Understand how.

Policy Implementation


Successful governments craft a long-term vision for their countries and regions; and focus on policy implementation. UAE, Singapore,.. started decades ago, hear how.

Some Conferences Where Antonio has delivered award winning speeches.
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BCC Conferenciantes Logo

The Next Generation

“Antonio worked for Alexion Pharma EMEA as an executive consultant developing our Project Management practices and skills of our Management team; supporting the prioritization, selection and implementation of our Strategic Programs that helped us turnaround our company. Based on his work, I would rank Antonio as an outstanding strategic consultant. He distinguished himself by providing an exceptional no frills, well-researched, and tailor-made consulting assistance.”
Alexion CEO EMEA.

Trending Consulting Topics

Cultural Transformations

Create a culture that strives for execution, excellence and collaboration.

Board of Directors

Assistance to Chairs and Directors in shifting the focus of their BoD from value preservation (monitoring) to value creation (leading); and increasing the strategic dialogue.

Strategy Implementation

Advise to CEO and Executive Teams on how to increase value creation by developing their organizations strategy implementation competencies and drive execution.

Portfolio Management

Support in the design and set-up of a Portfolio Management Office; design of a project selection and prioritization framework; implementation of PPM tools.

Project Mgmt. Office 2.0

Assistance in the transition from a traditional technical / monitoring PMO to a strategic / leading PMO; embracing the creation of a world-class PMO Center of Excellence.

Program Management

Raise success rate of your programs, build a customized framework using PMI/Prince2 principles, learn latest on benefits & risk management, create a community of practice./p>

Post-Merger Integration

Learn why most mergers fail to deliver the expected synergies in the integration, and how you can increase the rates of success of your mergers. Support in setting up and running of Integration Offices.

Policy Implementation

Assistance to senior government officials in setting up a vision for their country / region; support in the selection and implementation of policies; pre & post impact evaluation.

Some Organizations and Governments that have been advised by Antonio

Universities. Business. Executives.

“I had the opportunity to Learn from Mr. Antonio during the Project Management module he presented at “Innovative Leaders Program” in Dubai sponsored by UAE Government Leaders Program of the Prime Minister’s Office. During his session Mr. Antonio gave invaluable insights on Strategy, Project and Portfolio Management, He has displayed top level leadership and communication skills throughout the sessions.”
Senior Official, UAE Prime Minister’s Office

Teaching Areas

Business Schools and Universities

  • Project Management for MBAs
  • Project Management for Master

Executive Education / In-Company

  • Board of Directors Development
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Strategic Initiatives Prioritization and Alignment for Senior Executives
  • Sponsoring of Strategic Projects
  • Project Management for Middle Management


  • Board of Directors
  • Program Sponsors
  • Program Directors
  • Program Management Office Directors
  • Presentation Skills
Some Organizations and Governments that have been advised by Antonio

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Antonio has presented at more than 120 conferences around the world, regularly evaluated as the best speaker.

unknownAntonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the world’s leading champion of Project Management and Strategy Implementation.

He is the creator of concepts such as the Hierarchy of Purpose, or the Project Manifesto; which argues that projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.

Antonio has been recently awarded the title of Thinker of the Month by the prestigious Thinkers50, who identifies the most influential management thinkers in the world, including Michael Porter, Clayton Christensen, Rita McGrath.

His work focuses on advising senior leaders on how to lead transformational change; prioritize and implement strategic initiatives; build high-performing teams; work across silos and become a learning organization; all essential elements to create a culture that strives for execution, excellence and collaboration.

He is a much in demand speaker at events worldwide. Over the past 15 years Antonio has presented at more than 160 conferences around the world, regularly evaluated as the best speaker. European Business Summit, Strategy Leaders Forum, Gartner Summit, TEDx, and EU Cohesion Policy Conference with EU President Donald Tusk; are some of the events he has delivered inspirational keynotes.

He is the author of the best-selling book “The Focused Organization” and has been a visiting professor for the past decade in leading business schools, including Duke CE, Instituto de Empresa, Solvay Business School, Vlerick, and Skolkovo.

Antonio is Director of the Program Management Office at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines and Chairman of the Project Management Institute.

Previously he worked as Head of Transversal Portfolio Management at BNP Paribas Fortis for the Executive Board, where he developed and implemented a company-wide project selection and prioritisation process. He was head of Post-Merger Integration at Fortis Bank, leading the largest takeover in financial service history: the acquisition of ABN AMRO. He also worked for 10 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, becoming the global lead practitioner for project management.

Born in Madrid, Spain, and educated in Germany, Mexico, Italy and the United States, Antonio is an Economists and has an MBA from London Business School, currently pursuing a PhD in Strategy and is fluent in five languages.

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