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Video – Mark Zuckerberg’s Commencement address at Harvard 2017
Purpose and Projects

Article – The Guardian – Why size matters: measuring success in the world of megaprojects 
Article from a leading business journal on the value and the importance of size of megaprojects.

Article – Forbes – Why Startups Need Project Managers Now More Than Ever
Another article by a leading business publication around the importance of project management when launching your start-up.

Video – Professor David Farrell – The Irish Constitutional Convention, 2012-14 (31 May 2014)
Video on the new model of democracy tested in Ireland. Involving the citizens and working in Projects to solve social issues.

Podcast – How ‘Little Ideas’ Can Lead to Powerful Innovations
When most people hear the word innovation, they think about Uber, Airbnb and Amazon — disruptive companies that upended entire industries with a radical new way to do business. But Wharton professor David Robertson talks about a more practical way companies can innovate: by focusing on complementary actions around a key product, and it is done through smaller projects.


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The Focused Organization
In addition to the five books he has authored, Antonio has contributed to seven other business books.

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