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Between Artificial Intelligence and Project Management

In our pursuit to understand the intricate interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Project Management, we gathered insights from 772 experts across various industries and geographies who completed our survey

In this white paper are the insights that emerged from our survey.

Prof. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
Prof. Ricardo Viana Vargas, PhD
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How AI Will Transform Project Management


Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management


Application of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management – Webinar


15 and 20 of December

between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM ET
(13:00 and 17:00 WET)

Revolutionize How You Manage Projects

Get your ticket to a transformative masterclass that will put you at the forefront of AI innovations designed to streamline, enhance, and revolutionize project management.

In two dynamic 4-hour sessions, you will be deeply engaged in interactive group studies and hands-on exercises that will level up your expertise and sharpen your skills in AI-driven project management.


What the masterclass students have to say

“Excellent Masterclass, showing a good balance between high valuable theory and group activities. It allows also the networking with the participants.”

Luis-Henrique-BenitesLuis Henrique Benites, Sr. Project & Portfolio Manager

“I recently joined an AI Masterclass focused on project management, and wow, it was a game-changer! We explored the incredible ways AI can streamline project processes and boost efficiency. The discussions on ethical considerations added a thought-provoking layer to the whole experience. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also genuinely passionate about their work, making each session lively and engaging. The best part? Connecting with fellow project management enthusiasts who shared the same excitement about AI. If you’re into project management and curious about AI, you definitely don’t want to miss this Masterclass!”

Fedmar Heramis,
Data Center Project Engineer

“Ricardo, Antônio and keynote speakers commitment and enthusiasm to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on AI-driven project management is commendable. The diverse perspectives and expertise shared during the masterclasses have enriched my understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this evolving field.”

marcia-aguiarMarcia Aguiar,
Project Manager

“Priori to attending this class, I did not know what to expect. This class was exceeded my expectations. The learning significantly increased my AI understanding and my motivation to be in the flow. Thank you!”

tooran-khoshTooran Khosh,
Consultant, Speaker and Adjunct Professor

“A great Masterclass for project leaders to dig into AI applied to project management & execution. Thoroughly inspiring and informative. Strongly recommended for all project management professionals who want to understand the emerging tools.”

Mark-Cowley-ServicesMark Cowley Services (MCS),
Project Execution Advisory

“AI is quickly becoming part of everything we do, and project management is no exception. For those interested in learning more about AI and its applications to project management, ‘AI Driven PM Revolution’ is an excellent starting point, and Ricardo and Antonio are skilled guides in helping do so! Highly recommended.”

Tarik-AosseyTarik Aossey,
Program Director

“These 10 hours went incredibly quickly. Ricardo and Antonio shared theories, personal experiences, and lessons learned about how AI will impact project management. We had three fantastic renowned guest speakers. And we could network globally in regular breakout rooms. That was insightful, lively and left me with food for thought. Don’t miss learning from the best in the project management field.”

Yasmina Khelifi,
Project Manager