ANR Newsletter #31

Good day,

Over the past months many of you asked me to analyze not only notorious project failures, but also recognize and scrutinize those projects that were highly successful.

In this newsletter, I am writing about one of the most remarkable project ever, in which the selected team members were approached in the following way:

“We’re starting a new project. It’s so secret, I can’t even tell you what that new project is. I cannot tell you who you will work for. What I can tell you is if you choose to accept this role, you’re going to work harder than you ever have in your entire life. You’re going to have to give up nights and weekends probably for a couple years as we make this product.” 1

Would you have said “Yes, I do”?

The project at hand is what I consider to be the best commercial project ever run in history, the creation of the iPhone, branded as the Purple project within Apple. Overtime, better known as Purple Reign.

In my quest to learn from others, I had the pleasure to interview a Lama from Tibet. It is noteworthy their peaceful, yet determined, approach they take for managing their always challenging social projects.

Stay well, stay focused, and thanks for reading.

Project Management Champion to the World

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