A few months, and thanks to the support from Marshall Goldsmith and his team, I launched my first online training course with Udemy.

Here are some of the areas covered:

  • Understand how the project revolution is dramatically impacting the way organizations sell their products. Learn how Philips and Nike will change the way they bring their products to market.
  • Explore a framework that can be used by anyone to succeed in projects and turn ideas into reality.
  • Learn how strategic thinking is what differentiates great leaders from good leaders.
  • Overview of some of the most relevant strategy concepts and definitions of project management.
  • Learn the most frequent challenges you may face when trying to think strategically.
  • Explore the most agile organizations that are faster to market, implement strategic thinking and good decision making.
  • Learn how to close a project, how to bring the project to an end and how to ensure that the benefits are captured.
  • And much more!
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