Dear friends and colleagues,

The world is looking with shock, despair, and sadness at the recent events in Ukraine.

I try to imagine how my life would radically change if tomorrow we would see tanks in the street, we had to move to shelters or metro stations, live with the fear of being hit by a bomb 24/7, or leave everything that you have built and flee to a neighbor country.

I am a huge believer in the incredible power of projects for good and noble causes, but also conscious about their undesirable side. Whenever there is a conflict of such magnitude, the merciless leaders always have an incredibly well-defined project to implement their devastating views. In contrast, the other leaders have a very fragile project, if they have one at all.

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It is really difficult to write about such a sensitive and sad topic, but my belief is that project and project management professionals should be able to share their views about any kind of project.

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My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and those drawn into this war unwillingly.

I hope that we see an end to this dramatic event as soon as possible.

Stay well.

Project Management Champion to the World

PD. Ah, and thanks in advance for sharing with your colleagues!

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