With the rise of the Project Economy, one of the most emblematic roles, the Chief Operating Officer, is coming to an end.

And it is being replaced by the role of the Chief Project Officer, who will be accountable for bringing a considerable portion of an organization’s revenues, not deliverables and reports.

I am happy to share my latest Harvard Business Review article, The Rise of the Chief Project Officer. You can read it here and comment/share feedback on the LinkedIn post.



Mentorice – A New Way of Mentoring

This and next week I will be supporting the launch of a new platform by a good friend, mentorice, whose passion is for bringing mentorship to everyone that wants to improve their careers. Always great to try new ideas!

For this occasion, I have developed a series of novel sessions and exclusive mentoring options to share some of the insights of my career and the concepts that I developed in project management to help anyone who is interested in developing themselves and creating their own personal brand.

Here are the details of the first two sessions:

Participants will receive a free ebook copy of my book, The Project Revolution, and will be able to connect with other like-minded professionals.

Online Courses

LinkedIn Learning – Thank You!

Want to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting my three LinkedIn Learning courses, which have more than 30.000 students.

Please do not hesitate to write me to share your views and suggestions.

Stay well!

Project Management Champion to the World

PD. Ah, and thanks in advance for sharing with your colleagues!

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